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"My goal is to transform IT departments from being an essential utility – like electricity or telephones – to becoming an integral part of the company's overall business strategy."
                 --Ann K. Brea

Ann K. Brea is an experienced project manager who can help clients improve their business through IT solutions by relying on her 20+ years of cross-functional business experience, which includes 15+ years of IT experience. She will help break down issues to determine core business needs and the best IT solutions to enhance business operations. She will also help streamline information flow between departments within your organization and to your customers and external business partners.

Ann is a Team Leader who engages groups of skilled people to collaborate and work hard for a common goal while having fun and taking pride in their collective results.

She can communicate with technical and non-technical colleagues. Starting in business operations before moving into IT taught her to bridge the communications gap between technical developers and other managers as well as end users.

Ann practices the art of listening to what people say and repeating it for clarity. This reduces misunderstandings and errors.

She will work to clearly define your project scope. Then she'll establish a coherent plan with well-defined business requirements and deliverables including milestones and go on to help the team execute the plan on schedule and within budget. She will continually assess risk throughout a project and, if needed, implement contingency plans. In a perfect world projects go exactly as planned, while in reality they need someone like Ann to continually monitor them while communicating regularly with all project stakeholders.

Please browse through the portfolio below to see some of the websites Ann K Brea has built and worked on.


Favorite Quotes of the moment

We're recovering perfectionists who have learned to fail forward and move fast.
   Constant Contact Website
In school, if you make mistakes, you're programmed that you're dumb. In the corporate world, if you make mistakes, you're fired. How then can a company test the limits and innovate if it punishes taking risks and making mistakes?
   Robert Kiyosaki
It's impossible to have a coin with only one side. You can't have heads without tails. Innovation is like that. Initiative is like that. Art is like that. You can't have success unless you're prepared to have failure. As soon as you say, "failure is not an option," you've just said, "innovation is not an option."
   Seth Godin, author and thought provoking guy. Check out his blog.

AKS Associates Portfolio

Current Sites

Ann K Organic Designs home page

Ann K Organic Designs

Redesigned and built a marketing site for my own line of fine jewelry. This site gets continual updates as new jewelry designs are created. Scroll to the archive section to see the previous design. Browse through the entire site at www.AnnK.us

Snapshot of Sparrow Enterprises website

Sparrow Enterprises

Designed and built a marketing site for a distributor of fine chocolates and specialty foods based on their existing printed marketing material. If you would like to view the entire Sparrow Enterprises website go to www.SparrowFoods.com.

Ann converted their monthly newsletter to html and helped to organize the process to create a regular schedule for the process. She has also worked on projects to support their sales staff and provide them needed information while creating a company intranet.

Snapshot of Treasure Bay Designs website

Treasure Bay Designs

Redesigned and built a marketing site for a jewelry designer who along with her creative retail line has also created unique pieces of jewelry each supporting different non-profit organizations. Check out her line and see if anything strikes your fancy! www.tbd.us.com.

Turnaround Training home page image

Turnaround Training

Designed and built a website to support a local dog trainers business. www.TurnaroundDogTraining.com


Snapshot of Matt Wheeler Photography SiteMatt Wheeler Photography

Created a landing page for a Maine photographer. www.mattwheelerphotographs.com


Archive section

screen shot of A and I Cigars

A and I Cigars

Designed and built an e-commerce website for a company selling high-end cigars.   Due to federal regulations restricting the sale of tobacco products to minors there were some interesting obstacles that needed to be over come during this project.  The site was up for a couple of years before the business shut down.

Ann K Organic Designs home page

Ann K Organic Designs

Over the years I have designed and built multiple marketing sites for my own line of fine jewelry. Scroll to the top of the page to see the current design of this website.

Ann K Organic Desings Home Page Image

Adamas Fine Jewelry Website Design

Adamas Fine Jewelry

Originally redesign site based on new marketing campaign, continually manage small updates plus 1 or 2 annual content updates per year. This is a marketing website to bring in new customers as well as keep existing clientele updated on current events.

Snapshot of Arezzo home page


Designed and built marketing site for jewelry wholesaler in New York City.


Richard Gsnapshot of Richard Gilson's website home pageilson Ceramics

Designed and built marketing site for a local Ceramic Artist who wanted a web presence where he could promote the annual craft shows he sells at.

Snapshot of Rev. Ike's website

Rev. Ike

Designed a site to promote the teachings of Rev. Ike and sell his books and audio products. Unfortunately the Reverend passed away just before the site was ready so this design never went live.

For UCEA, the office behind the ministry Ann acted as the IT Team Leader overseeing the computer systems and networks including their customized db that tracted all their marketing campaigns and responses.

Snapshot of Treasure Bay Designs website

Treasure Bay Designs

This is the first design built for this client who continually added and updated the jewelry pieces on the website over the years. This clients business continued to grow and we did a redesign in 2012 that can be seen above.

Snapshot of Hickory Consortium home page

Hickory Consortium

Designed architecture and built marketing site for non-profit Green Building Consortium with the help of their in house graphic designer.

Snapshot of Silver Mood home page

Silver Mood

Designed and built a marketing site for a retail store in Palm Beach, FL based on previous marketing campaigns.

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